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Headless Horseman Bridge, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, N. Y.
The Headless Horseman Bridge,
Sleepy Hollow, N. Y.

The Real Stories of Ghosts

We have all heard the tales. A scary light where there should be no light. A cold touch on the hand when no-one is there. Graveyards and haunted houses. Mysterious ships. Night Riders. Old battlegrounds where the fighters still remain.

So what is the true story of this phenomenon? Firstly, there are a number of very different phenomena all thrown together under the name Ghosts. Secondly, it is meaningful that ghost stories are found in cultures all over the world. There is something to this, on some level.

While it is sensible to remember that we are dealing with matters that are non-physical and therefore not subject to normal scientific methods, the multitude of reports, going back throughout human history, demand serious study. This website will present ideas of what is at play here, and give some links (links are underlined) to other sites where these ideas are discussed more deeply. But always remember that we are dealing with the unknown here - Sometimes the questions will take us to the edge of physical science, sometimes we will touch upon the unknowable mysteries of life and death. Many secrets will remain.

Geologic and Electrical Effects

Despite mankind's hubris, there is a great deal that we do not know about our planet. There are mysterious lights, like the well known "Brown Mountain Lights" that appear in certain areas with regularity. This may be some kind of Earth energy, perhaps the result of tectonic pressure or magnetic events within the Earth. Although folk tales have sprung up around many such occurrences, it is likely that these effects are in the realm of undiscovered physics, rather than the supernatural

Also likely to be natural phenomena are Ball Lightning, St Elmo's Fire and Orbs (unless Orbs are simple photographic artifacts). As Tesla and others have discovered, electricity, particularly static electricity, is not as well understood as we would like to think it is. These effects may be electrical or they may be some undiscovered energy. Here are more Orb Photos.

Spirit Guides, Elementals, and Poldergeist

Now we must leave the familar bounds of established science behind. The paranormal is the likely source of a range of experiences both comforting and terrifying.

Spirit Guides are becoming accepted in some circles, appearing as Atlantian wizards, Indian warriors, wise old Shamans, and many other forms, to guide the spiritual aspirant through the choices of their life. Elementals can be considered the Fauna of the unseen world, sometimes interacting with humans, but mostly involved with their own affairs.

Often confused with Elementals is the Poltergeist phenomenon - objects flying around, things appearing and disappearing at random, strange sounds - the effects are usually whimsical or playful, but on rare occasions can be threatening and dangerous. Poltergeist appear to be caused by involuntary psychokinesis, movement of objects by the mind, often by adolescent girls who have no idea they are causing all the trouble.

Beyond Death

After death contact, and legitimate channeled contact with the spirits of those who have passed on, is a reality, although the number of charlatans in this field is large. The other side is dreamlike, and while it is often comforting to relatives that their loved ones are happy, the knowledge gained from this source is, in most cases, not very helpful in understanding why we humans are here on Earth.

Hauntings and Trapped Spirits

And lastly: Bits of the persona of someone who died, often tragically, stuck in a particular place to re-live past events and, as a side effect, scaring the willies out of anyone nearby. Sometimes it is a faint impression, a mild feeling that someone is there. Sometimes the spirit will re-enact commonplace or tragic events of their life in a kind of loop, with little awareness of the present.

Rarely the Ghost will interact clearly with the living. In these cases a skilled healer can often contact the spirit and release them. Usually the spirit does not realize that they are dead and is trying to continue their life on the Earth. In a few cases the attachment is more dire.

Here are some websites on Ghosts and Ghost-Busting ... an unfortunate term for releasing spirits:

The Ghost Investigators Society (GIS), go to graveyards, haunted houses and such and record audio tape. When replayed the tape seems to contain voices from the dead. These are true Ghost Hunters. Website:

The Bell Witch of Tennessee was an extreme haunting during the 1820s. It was still well known in the area in the 1960's, when this writer lived there. Web site:

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